As I was sitting in class today, something popped into my head that has been bothering me for quite awhile and I just want to put it out there:

It’s not attractive to not care about school. It’s not attractive to be a procrastinator or cheat on homework/exams/essays. It’s not attractive that you’re failing a course or struggling to keep up. Don’t boast about it. Don’t talk about being “so behind” like it’s a good thing. Why is that something to laugh about? It’s okay to study for a test that’s happening not the following day but the following week. There’s no reason to feel ashamed when you go to tutoring or the writing center or make multiple drafts of a paper. It’s actually really hot when a guy (or girl, or both, depending on what you prefer) is on top of things. I find a man sexy when he doesn’t constantly complain about the professor or the workload or the people. Or really, his academic life in general.

It just really bothers me when people bitch about being here in college when they’re the only ones truly responsible for themselves being here. (Man, that is just chockfull of redundancy and bad grammar). Yeah, it’s okay to whine sometimes about not getting enough sleep or feeling overwhelmed, because, let’s face it, what would college be without those experiences? Just don’t over dramatize your pain or feel like you don’t care that your life is shit. Just be honest. You care. We all do so there’s no need to cover that fact up. Wallow with us in our academic misery.

And especially don’t complain if you’re not managing your time correctly and choosing to party rather than study. Simple rule: If you can’t handle it, don’t keep doing it.

And this kind of relates to my rant but when I was waiting outside for my class to begin, there was a guy across from me reading Canterbury Tales. Whether he was reading it for pleasure or not, it was still attractive because he seemed intellectual. He was really concentrating on his reading and seemed genuinely interested. But then his friend comes up to him and says, “You reading that for class?” To which Guy replies, “Yeah.” And Friend is like, “Sucks, man.” And Guy says, “Yeah, I know.”

Why should it suck? Canterbury Tales is actually a very entertaining book and if you just give it a chance, then you might enjoy it. Who was the Friend to say that that sucks? Yeah, it’s assigned reading, but would it have been assigned if it was not worth perusing? Boys are idiots.

Other things that have been bothering me:

  1. People who order frappuccinos before 11 a.m.
  2. The mean salary of teachers
  3. Texas Weather



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