My Hemingway Complaints

“Write drunk; Edit Sober” – Ernest Hemingway

Probably one of the more popular quotes by Hemingway, this quote appears at least once on most instant-blogging sites, like Tumblr and Pinterest. It carries that succinct directness that only Hemingway can evoke, and a truth that seems at first absurd, but later, more than likely accurately describes the creative writing process of any author. I myself love the quote, although I can hardly relate; I’ve never been drunk more out of self-preservation than not breaking the law or drinking alcohol. However, ever since reading For Whom the Bell Tolls, I appreciate and immensely enjoy his masculine technique with the pen. (Just me, or did that sound dirty?) So, whether the quote was actually said/written by Ernest (I’d like to believe that if he were still alive we’d be on a first name basis) or not, it still speaks to me.


the next novel I read by him was his most arguably famous book, A Farewell to Arms. And, like Pat Solitano, I wanted to chuck that piece of shit out the window.  I would have if I wasn’t in an airplane 50,000 feet in the air. Really, Ernest? How could you? REALLY? If you have ever read this book, please, share your thoughts. I would really like to know how others felt about the ending. And if you haven’t, then read it and come back and tell me what you think. Granted, it’s a good book: the writing is efficient and engaging, the characters (except Katherine) are likeable, and the plot line up until the last page is interesting. But, come on. Not many books can evoke such a reaction from me, and Pat didn’t overreact as you might believe.

One of my ugly posts. I would apologize for misleading you into thinking that this would be an intellectual discussion about Ernest and his quote, but you’re not supposed to apologize for blog posts.



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